Was so pleased to be asked to take part in the 2nd day of Marilyn Denis’ 2nd season, and to join “The Chat” panel to discuss some recent hot topics and fun stories which include Gwyneth Paltrow and school uniforms. Thankfully, not together.

Glad to see this new segment and look forward to being on again soon.

The Chat.






Are your grandkids gamers? Do you support it? Product designer and tech mom @KimVallee on the next #GoToGrandma on what your grandkids are getting out of video games, and why they’re not all bad.

Sat Feb 11

Tune in to @am640 tonight at 9pm to hear my daughter (and mom to my grandsons) Tory Halpin talk to @Chic_Mamma on her Parenting Show. They’re talking #GentleParenting and how it still has boundaries.

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