In this book (Journey to the Darkside), Kathy Buckworth examines the switch from Supermom (working mom) to stay-at-home mom in a refreshingly fun and bold way. The gossiping and backstabbing, the competitiveness, the volunteering and the PTA are just a few of the many scenarios she guides us through. Kathy Buckworth has an uncanny way of taking the situations that we deal with every day and bringing them to light with a style that will leave you nodding your head enthusiastically in agreement and feeling so relieved that someone out there feels the same way.

This book is laugh-out-loud funny. It is such a joy to see someone explore a subject which is nothing short of a minefield and do it with such honesty and humour. She also hands us a great deal of food for thought about how raising children has changed so much over the years. We see children being driven around to various appointments, children being helped with their homework and projects to an unhealthy level, children not venturing outdoors unaccompanied and of course the dreaded playdates. Whatever happened to children playing outdoors, heading over to their friends houses unannounced and then vanishing into the nearest field or play area to play as a group. An unsupervised group at that.

While this book will naturally appeal to any mom or mom-to-be, I think anyone would get a kick from reading it. I have to comment also on the excellent way the author presents some of the information in the book. Bulleted lists and tables make this book even more of a pleasure to read. I couldn’t put it down and I am sure you will feel the same.






And mostly the reason we have a charcoal bbq is because I was in a Home Depot and I said to my then 15yo son “We used to have one of those when I was a kid. I should get that.” And he said “Can you spend $149 without asking Dad?”
So of course I bought it. WITHOUT ASKING DAD.

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