By page six of our next mommy memoir, however, I was wondering aloud where the author, Kathy Buckworth, had been all my life. And I was also flipping to the back of Journey to the Darkside: Supermom Goes Home to see if I’d be treated to 300 pages of her wickedly funny observations. No such luck. Buckworth, having written fewer than 200 pages, is that rare breed of author who knows when a story’s told.

The good news is there are prequels to this book that I can go out and find. This is actually the third in a series of “supermom” books, from back when Buckworth apparently had a less than rewarding corporate life and four (count ‘em) screaming kids to come rushing home to.

Journey to the Darkside is a guide to quitting work to stay at home and join in the “increasingly brutal blood sport” of stay-at-home mothering. She’s quick to point out that office politics can’t remotely prepare us for the joys of the backstabbing world of PTA parents. She doesn’t seem to have a nanny, Bugaboo or a spin class teacher but, boy, is she ever able to hold forth on these trappings of domesticity.

Journey to the Darkside is the rare exception to the rule of supposedly funny mommy memoirs (the rule being that people should stop publishing them). Buckworth is perceptive, smart and absolutely hilarious.

Better yet, if she ever wants to tell you every last detail about her pregnancy, childbirth and early days of diaper changing, pull up a chair and listen.

I bet she’ll have you in a helpless puddle of laughter on her not-so-spotless floor in no time.