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Comedian Kathy Buckworth on surviving the indoors Family / Huffington Post

The family that plays together stays together. At least that’s my reworking of the expression. But as we literally weather one of the coldest winters we’ve had in years, I’m starting to think it’s more like the family that plays together and doesn’t try to lock another family member out in the freezing cold, is the one that survives. With four kids, we do play...

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Parents, Step Back So Your Child Can Solve Their Own Problem Be The Boss / Family / Parents Canada

On a recent media trip to Panorama, B.C., I had the opportunity to interview Kimberly Joines, who competes at the World Cup level on the Canadian Paralympic Ski Team, and who is heading to Sochi, Russia for the Paralympic Winter Games in March, following the Olympic Winter Games in February. Kimberly is a “Sit Skier”, meaning she skis down the hill (at record speed, naturally)...

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