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Wedding expenses can add up pretty quickly. Learn how Kathy used her experience while preparing for her daughter's wedding to save money by cutting unnecessary expenses, and following smart spending tips.

It’s Called NetWORK For A Reason Huffington Post / Lifestyle / Publications

“I’ll just text them.” The key word in this sentence is the word “just.” Texting is a terrific way for your tween to ask you for a ride from a friend’s house, for a teen to chat with their BFFs, or for parents to arrange who is getting the milk on the way home from work. It’s become the most basic form of communication, as...

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The Many Grey Shades of Being Fifty Family / Huffington Post

“To be fair, mom, there aren’t too many people who are older than you.” The defense from my 14-year-old daughter upon discovering I was not in fact the same age as a man she had just compared me to. He was 80. I’m 50. She’s never been good at math. Or tact. I’m not good at math either or I wouldn’t have had three others...

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Peter MacKay Proves That Not Much Has Changed For Working Mothers Family / Huffington Post

When Peter MacKay, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and notably, father of one, made the comments that “women don’t apply to be judges because they fear the job will take them away from their children,” and that “children need their mothers more than their fathers,” (according to the Toronto Star), with one fell swoop, he handed successful working women some more...

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Six Reasons Why Business Trips Are Like Summer Camp for Moms Family / Huffington Post / Travel

1) While away on a business trip, you have a set schedule of activities to accomplish during the day. At camp, these activities are listed on a sheet hung by the cabin door, and there is little flexibility. On a business trip, these activities have been entered into your smartphone, and there is a tight schedule. This is a good thing. At home, flexibility comes...

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Ladies Re-Treat Family / The Good Life / Travel

A “Girls’ Getaway” is the perfect way for women in groups large or small, to reconnect, re-inspire and renew all the reasons they formed that special bond in the first place. You don’t need to travel far from Mississauga to find an escape for body, mind, and soul from the stresses of everyday life. Luckily there is a great selection of unique and fabulous experiences...

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What Moms Really Want Family / The Good Life

But it doesn’t have to be all about being a Mom. Moms really want to take the day to celebrate being themselves, but maybe surprisingly, mostly without the kids. So, what’s the perfect gift for busy Moms? “Time”, according to founder and partner of Mabel’s Labels, and mother of six children Julie Cole. “I remember one Mother’s Day when I had three kids and the...

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If You Think Having Three Kids Is Hard, Try Four, Five and Six Family / Huffington Post

One of my favourite lines from the The Simpsons is when Bart complains he is having the worst day of his life. “So far,” responds his unsympathetic yet correctly predictive father, Homer. I liken that to a study by Today.com that suggests three is the most stressful number of children to have. A mom of three explains that the stress level increases when it comes...

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Gone Girl…All The Way To Bermuda Family / Huffington Post

Sun, spa, and shopping. The perfect Girls Getaway trifecta can be found on the island of Bermuda. Only 26 square miles in area, this (northern) Caribbean destination is a quick trip from Toronto but a long, long way from the routine of kids, work and making dinner. Bermuda has two distinct precincts: Hamilton and St. George’s. Hamilton offers up restaurants, high street shopping, and a...

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The Dreaded Compliment: “You Look Good For…” Family / Huffington Post

“You look good…for someone who’s had four kids…especially since one of those kids is 21.” Okay, stop. In fact, stop two sentences ago. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no mom ever wants to hear anything past “you look good.” If in fact someone says this to you, you must move away immediately to avoid the unavoidable follow up...

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