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Why Kids Understand Cross-Marketing Better Than You Do Family / Huffington Post

Quebec City got very animated this week as cartoon professionals from all over the world met for the 2012 Cartoon Connection conference taking place at the Quebec Hilton. The main theme of the conference was to evaluate the benefits and successful execution of transmedia, or cross-platform marketing, for properties in the world of animation. Cross-marketing itself is not a new phenomenon, but there are many...

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For Mommy Bloggers Your Online Reputation is Your Newborn Child Family / Huffington Post

“Mommy Bloggers” have changed the way that marketers and brands interact with consumers and their products. Many bloggers have relationships with brands in the form of an ad on their website, running a Twitter chat contest, or doing product reviews. But now they’re looking for more lucrative opportunities to act as the brand voice, or spokesperson. Yet they’re making some fundamental mistakes which are stopping...

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Connecting at Blissdom Canada Family / Huffington Post

So a talking yam and a New Kid walk into a conference… Blissdom Canada From Oct. 13 to 15, Toronto hosted the second annual Blissdom Canada conference. If you don’t have a clue what that is, you’re not alone, but it’s also clear that you’re not a part of the social media discussions happening in the biggest corporate boardrooms in Canada either. A conference which...

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