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Are You the Parent? Then You’re the Boss Family / Huffington Post

How democratic parenting is letting us down: a top-ten list. 1) It’s wasting our time. An unusually long amount of time can be spent attempting to explain to subordinates (children) why certain things just “are” (such as bedtimes, dental appointments, nutritious food, etc.) when a simple “Because I said so” takes less than four seconds. Try it. 2) It’s forcing us to redirect our energies....

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Turns Out Canadians Don’t Always Play By The Rules Family / Huffington Post

Canadians are typically known for being polite, apologetic and careful. But when it comes to insurance, a new Leger research study commissioned for PC Insurance, suggests we’re not always following the rules — or playing it safe. While no Canadians would ever admit to driving without car insurance, a quarter of us say we’ve been involved in accidents that we have not reported to our...

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