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Why Every Family Needs a Mission Statement Family / Huffington Post

The next time you visit a corporate website, look at the “About Us” page. Most feature a mission statement, a few sentences or paragraphs that tell the world at large what the company does and what it wants to accomplish. I have a theory about mission statements. I believe that they came to be as a result of countless CEOs asking countless versions of the...

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Seven Ways to Survive Baby’s First Christmas Family / Huffington Post

Like most holiday seasons, many families are planning on multi-generational get-togethers, particularly if there is a “baby’s first Christmas” to celebrate. But having a new baby around at Christmas can be as stressful as it is wonderful. Try to keep things nice, and not naughty by following this tips: • Prepare to have the baby’s schedule changed up just a bit, but try to keep...

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