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Annoying Parenting Trends That Must Be Stopped Family / Huffington Post

Another year gone by, another year filled with annoying parenting trends. Here are some fads I’d like to see disappear by the end of 2013: 1) Trophies for all: This one has been around for a while. We are raising our kids in a generation of “everybody wins and nobody loses” and what this does is make losers of us all. Without experiencing losing, kids...

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Why Moms are the Real Olympians Family / Huffington Post

There’s been a real focus on the Moms of the Olympic athletes at the 2012 London games. And while I’m impressed by the commitment these moms have had in getting their children to the Olympics, we shouldn’t overlook how Moms themselves compete at a world class level every day, in many challenging and sometimes stupefying physical efforts. Myself, this week I competed in: • Hurdling:...

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