I love the word “network”. I love the net, I love my work…put them together and the sum is most definitely bigger than the parts.  A network built through social media combines the best of my work, on the net, and has helped me to find a real off-line bond with some of my favourite women.

Most of the women I know have a pretty strong “Pink Network”, which is a group of women in your life you can go to, to unload with, be yourself with, and build yourself up while just possibly taking down a few people who annoy you…just a bit.  These are the women you want in your corner, and given the choice, would spend every Girls Weekend away with.  As well, my perfect weekend would have to include, but not be limited to:

  • Being far enough away from home to feel like you’re really away. It doesn’t have to be far…just far enough so you can’t run a kid to a hockey game, be responsible for picking up the dry cleaning, or assist in duct taping a kid to a piece of bristleboard for a school project.
  • Copious amounts of ridiculously good food.  It can be nutritious-  I’m fine with that – but it has to be very tasty, and complicated to prepare, thus rendering it something I wouldn’t be able to make at home by myself. Also, the food has to be eaten as we talk about the food we’re going to eat, the food we shouldn’t have eaten, and the food we’re going not eat in the future. (It’s a natural reflex.)
  • Wine. Pour, drink, repeat as necessary.

I’m grateful to have many strong and inspiring women in my circle of friends. I’m also extremely lucky to have had only a very few of them touched by breast cancer. But many women are not so lucky.  During the month of October, TELUS will donate $25 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for every pink BlackBerry Curve 9360 sold.  (Seriously, who doesn’t need a BlackBerry – have you read my book The BlackBerry Diaries yet?)

In addition, any Facebook user who tries out this application will trigger a further $1 donation. Watch this video, and yep, that’s another $1 donated right there.  So, help a girl (and her Pink Network)  out?  Get on Facebook, buy a BlackBerry, or simply Retweet my Tweets around this campaign when you see them. I’ll have the hashtag #pinknetwork attached to them.

(Full disclosure: In return for this blog and promotion, I, and others participating,  are entered into a contest in which the winner will receive a Pink Network Girls Getaway.)