Get set, Go! is a new monthly segment on Morning Live. Kathy Buckworth takes a look at what it takes to go to some pretty fun places. This morning we started with Yosemite National Park in California

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My 22yo daughter pointed at a lady with grey hair in a
bun, and glasses, and said to her nephew:

“Is that grandma?”

And he, in his wise 20 month old wisdom said:
“No mandma”

(He calls me mandma. He is in the will. @BridgetGwebster is out)

Rain or shine, Camp Grandma can always be in session. Join me on @CTVAtlantic tomorrow morning at 8:45am (AT) for some fun activities your big and little grandkids (and you!) can enjoy. #GoToGrandma #GrandmaLife

[email protected] is a humour expert and she has a new book out called The Legacy Of Laughter, which she co-wrote with her TWELVE grandchildren. She joins me on #GoToGrandma on @zoomerradio this Saturday at 7:30am

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