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As a 23 year resident of #Mississauga, of course we remember #HazelMcCallion as a terrific mayor, but also as a champion of #womenshockey, in a house where that is/was very important, especially when my kids were young. She was a force. I also hope I have 42 more years to work!

Shared these heart healthy recipes on @morninglive for those with concerns about Type 2 diabetes. (These recipes are vegan too!)

Found at

Go-To Grandma Kathy Buckworth shares 3 healthier cookie recipes


Today, we grieve the loss of Mississauga’s matriarch, Hazel McCallion, a fierce and passionate leader who touched the lives of so many. She lived a life of service before self – everything she did was for the betterment of our City. My deepest condolences to the McCallion family.

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