I picked up your book at the library in a rush (my 10 year old son was pestering me to leave as he had already chosen his summer reading selections for the week) and I am chuckling knowingly the whole way through. I am 3/4 of the way through the SuperMom book and yesindeedie, I see myself! Or at least my former self… I worked for 15 years during when children 1 and 2 were born, but was laid off when child #3 arrived (for reasons totally unrelated). There is so much truth in your book, both about parenting and family life, regardless of whether one is a working mom or not. It’s such a comfort to know that there’s someone out there who not only has had the same experiences, but will in fact share them in print, unapologetically, for the whole world to see! So now I’m working through your articles and will lurk on your website for updates. Thank you for putting your hilarious voice in writing to share with your sisters in parenthood. Thank you for bringing me some enjoyment and giggles this week. Now I had better run upstairs to see what the toddler is getting into…






And mostly the reason we have a charcoal bbq is because I was in a Home Depot and I said to my then 15yo son “We used to have one of those when I was a kid. I should get that.” And he said “Can you spend $149 without asking Dad?”
So of course I bought it. WITHOUT ASKING DAD.

Just hanging out waiting for tomorrow when my Grandma’s radio show is on the air @zoomerradio

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