I just finished your first book and wanted to drop you a note. After earning an MBA & spending almost 15 years in a career in banking, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom w/my new son. I’m also a little older, as I had him at the age of 36. He’ll have his first birthday this week. Yes, it’s taken me the better part of this last year to read your book, but then again, I think you’d understand how little free time there is for reading anything beyond diaper or formula containers! I wanted to write to you to applaud your book and the ideas you mention. Although I’m a “homer” now, I never expected to stay at home. I’ve wanted a career since I was a little girl. (Some girls played “nurse” or in a toy kitchen. I played “office,” & even had my own briefcase.) Your book addressed many, many of the concerns I’ve had during this past year. Ironically, while my friends who work and have children never gave me grief for deciding to stay home, it was those mothers who were already staying at home who constantly criticized me. Perhaps criticizing isn’t the correct word. Many were very condescending in an I-told-you-so way. To this day they can’t understand why I don’t kneel at the altar of Gymboree or Mommy & Me classes. They think I’m wrong to be able and willing to spend time w/my child to try to teach him things, rather than sign him up for the many classes that 6-18 month olds can take. (I really didn’t need Gymboree to teach me how to use tummy-time!) Your book was practical, amusing, and a pleasure to read. I’ve debated getting it for a few of my friends, but they’re all Supermoms of one type or another, and don’t have the time to read…yet! Let those of us in the US know when you’re coming here…near the Chicago area would be great!