In Shut Up and Eat, Buckworth takes a delightfully Seinfeldian spin on her struggles with the potential landmine that is mealtime and the huge expectations this family institution places on moms. With her wry observations and a collection of fail-safe recipes sprinkled throughout, Shut Up and Eat tackles head-on the many myths and misconceptions about food and parenting.






Heading out this summer for a long awaited family road trip? I’ve got tips to keep you and your kids (of all ages) happy. Pick up the Saturday @TorontoStar or read it online. Thanks to @juliecole & @alysonschafer for their expert tips!

I’m an ER physician and having worked on the frontline of this pandemic in Toronto I’ve seen the terrible effects of COVID firsthand. You better believe when their turn comes my kids will be vaccinated.
Now I just need to have kids.

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