Supermom Unmasked
Today’s Parent Slice of Life contributor and mother of four Kathy Buckworth offers sardonic musings on the job-family stretch in her new book, The Secret Life of Supermom: How the Woman Who Does It All…Does It (Sourcebooks).
Buckworth’s observations and advice are free of illusions (“You can now blame your pint-sized stain maker for all of the stains you make yourself”), but full of laughs.






Heading out this summer for a long awaited family road trip? I’ve got tips to keep you and your kids (of all ages) happy. Pick up the Saturday @TorontoStar or read it online. Thanks to @juliecole & @alysonschafer for their expert tips!

I’m an ER physician and having worked on the frontline of this pandemic in Toronto I’ve seen the terrible effects of COVID firsthand. You better believe when their turn comes my kids will be vaccinated.
Now I just need to have kids.

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