Supermom Unmasked
Today’s Parent Slice of Life contributor and mother of four Kathy Buckworth offers sardonic musings on the job-family stretch in her new book, The Secret Life of Supermom: How the Woman Who Does It All…Does It (Sourcebooks).
Buckworth’s observations and advice are free of illusions (“You can now blame your pint-sized stain maker for all of the stains you make yourself”), but full of laughs.






And mostly the reason we have a charcoal bbq is because I was in a Home Depot and I said to my then 15yo son “We used to have one of those when I was a kid. I should get that.” And he said “Can you spend $149 without asking Dad?”
So of course I bought it. WITHOUT ASKING DAD.

Just hanging out waiting for tomorrow when my Grandma’s radio show is on the air @zoomerradio

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