So, what do you call a person who doesn’t put snow tires on their vehicle?
A tow truck.

And what do you call a person who isn’t prepared for safely driving in a Canadian winter?

We joke in our neighbourhood that the Annual Summer Tires Meeting takes place at the bottom of an icy hill leading out of our community. No one plans on attending. But there are some things that you can do in advance should you find yourself convening with them.

Because it’s really not a secret that Canadian winters are cold and snowy and icy and freezing, but many Ontarians find themselves ill prepared for when it actually hits. Snow tires are a given, but even with them firmly in place, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to make sure you stay safe this winter should you find yourself stuck at the bottom of a hill, or on the side of the road.

What better time to review your Winter Car Emergency Kit checklist than National Safe Driving Week, December 1st to 7th, which is championed by the Canada Safety Council. You should have:

1) Ice scraper/snowbrush
2) Jumper cables, gear to change a flat tire, and a tow rope
3) High energy food that doesn’t expire, and water
4) First-aid kit
5) Phone charger/power pack
6) Flashlight and extra batteries
7) Kitty litter, sand or traction mats
8) Candle and waterproof matches
9) Roadside emergency supplies
10) Winter clothes and a heavy blanket

To further help Canadians make sure they stay safe when winter driving, is a new company launching in Ontario in December offering innovative digital insurance. What makes them unique? Onlia cares about making Canada a safer place, and as such is encouraging Canadian drivers to ensure their vehicle is properly maintained and prepared for safe winter driving this year, with the end goal of making all of our roads and communities a safer place.

Here’s an extra incentive to make sure you are doing all you can to make sure your family is safe this winter: Upload a photo or video of how you’re getting your vehicle ready for safe winter driving and tag (plus #onliaCA and #safedrivingweek) and you could win $1,000 (via Mastercard or Visa pre-paid gift card), to help winterize your car this season.

Don’t let winter give you and your car the cold gravel shoulder. Ice out your risk by joining the safe driving community which believes in motivation over discouragement and rewards over penalties by encouraging all of us to have safer driving practices. Register now at and be the first to have Onlia auto insurance coverage, effective February 2019.

I know I’m not planning on participating in the next Bottom of the Icy Hill Club get together, but if we do end up there, I know my family will be staying safe and warm. Pass the emergency food, son.

This is a sponsored post, but opinions, as always, are my own.

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