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From toddlers to teens, and Mom and Dad too, it can be hard to stay entertained during a long airplane ride. Screens can be a good thing sometimes, but for many reasons we want to tear those eyes away from their phones and tablets. Listening to a family tale or getting them engaged in a book that appeals directly to them is a great way to do that. has over 400,000 titles to choose from; you’re bound to find something that will take you through a long overnight or daytime flight across Canada or across the world. Stories that entertain, educate and inspire are at your fingertips. Narrated by Canadian authors or exciting celebrities. Here are my picks for Summer, 2019.

Adult: Great Gatsby, Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection, Someone Knows, Lost Girls of Paris.

Teens: The Hate You Give, Ready Player One, To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

Kids: Tales of Beatrix Potter, Winne The Pooh, Paddington Bear, Dr Suess

Besides listening to audio books, here are some tips to keep the kids (and you) settled during your flights.


  1. Explain how the trip is going to unfold, including the time at the airport, security and customs, so that the kids are prepared for what’s to come, and the wait time.
  2. Print out or purchase a paper map, so they can see the geography and territory you’re covering in the air.
  3. Hit the washroom in the airport minutes before you hit the plane, even if the kids are insisting they don’t need to go.
  4. Unless you’re worried about overhead storage, don’t get on the plane until you absolutely have to, especially when traveling with very young children. Get that energy out in the kids’ play areas located in many airports.
  5. Bring snacks, and a refillable water bottle. While food is served on the plane, if you’re stuck on the runway, they can’t serve it.
  6. Plan the timing of your flight to take advantage of your child’s nap and sleep schedule, if you can. Try not to get too stressed if their schedule gets thrown off a bit.
  7. Visit the local dollar store to pick up crayons (not markers) colouring books, little games and treats to share during the flight.
  8. Get the kids used to wearing headphones or ear buds before you get on the plane, not during their first flight.
  9. Start the book before you get on the plane, so they are ready to launch right back into the story.
  10. Continue with the story telling when you get to your hotel room, to help the kids settle at night.

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