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Hey Kids: Shut up and Eat Family / Huffington Post

Visit a local bookstore and you’ll see that the cookbook section is filled with several variations of the theme of “Deceptive Cooking.” Loosely defined, parents are apparently being told to disguise good, nutritional food in fun and exciting ways, in order to convince their fussy eaters to switch over from “bad food” (for example breaded, greasy pre-formed objects which require plum sauce), and instead eat...

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Talking Turkey, Eh? Family / Huffington Post

Thanksgiving in Canada comes a whole month earlier than it does south of the border, and for that I am especially thankful. Mostly because it lands before Halloween, and then allows me to have a full two months to take off the candy and turkey poundage prior to indulging in both once again at Christmastime, just when those jeans finally zip up. So, in honour...

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