We’ve had to learn to do a lot of things online over the past year, including hosting joyful celebrations. And of course, one of the best things we celebrate in life is the expected birth of a new baby.

How can we give Parents-to-Be a virtual baby shower? Babies and their moms and dads still need things, and family and friends still need to express their joy.

But where do you start, and when should you start?

Typically, a baby shower is held a couple of months prior to the anticipated birth of the baby. With a virtual baby shower, you’re going to need to start your planning at least a month before that, if possible.

Here’s a quick check list to follow:

  1. First, verify with the parents to be to make sure they want a virtual baby shower. Some may prefer to wait until an in-person get together is safe. They’re on board? Great! Set a date that works for them, and you, as the host. Make sure the date is timed so that the invitations (including the gift registry information) give respondents enough time to prepare.
  2. Select the online platform you want to host the baby shower on. Zoom is most popular, and free, easy to load – all things to consider with a varied age range potentially Zooming in. Check in with potential invitees in advance to see if they need assistance in loading the app or using the camera on their phone and/or laptop.
  3. Prepare an online invitation that includes all of the details – date, time (start and end), link to platform, link to registries. If you are including a “baby pool” (guesses on date, name, weight, etc.) remember to include that as well. Include a deadline for registry orders if you want the parents to be opening the presents live on Zoom.
  4. Have your guests record and send in a video to create a virtual visual guestbook that you can run during the shower, online, for everyone to see. You can edit and set it to music with iMovie or a similar app.
  5. Games are fun but limit them to quick, fast, and easy to follow online quizzes and challenges.
  6. Provide easy to display baby shower decorations for the parents, simple signs, etc. to create a festive feel to the video call. Investigate a colourful video background if possible.
  7. Make a list of quick and easy food and drinks for your guests to (optionally) prepare and enjoy during the baby shower, or consider working with a local catering company or restaurant to have snacks delivered to each attending party, depending on budget and size, of course.
  8. Before the big day, make sure to have a trial run with the parents to make sure that their internet connectivity and speed are adequate to support a video call, and that they are comfortable with camera placement, lighting, audio and surrounding décor.

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This is a sponsored post, but as always, opinions are my own.

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