Today’s grandparents are involved and active with their grandkids. And guess what? Grandparents also have their own lives. Some of us are still working, most of us are still playing, and the holidays are a perfect time to celebrate our lives and have some fun with, or without, our grandkids.

I have compiled a few gift items you might want to put on the list for yourself, or for your grandparents.

Looking for ways to keep the grandkids active inside on those frosty winter days? TekyGo! is the very first gaming console designed for kids six and under that combines educational learning with active play. TekyGo! is described as a cross between Peloton and Sesame Street for kids. The TekyGo! Portal is filled with games designed and created to be compatible with any children’s approved trampoline. If you or your grandkids already have one at home, the TekyGo! Portal is a wonderful way to give it a whole new life. Perfect gift for grandparents to give or receive this holiday season. TekyGo! | Children’s Learning and Gaming Console


Have the grandkids over for dinner but not sure what to make for dinner? When I have my vegan grandson over, I love serving up GA Pizza. Plant-based for him, cheesy goodness for me. GA Pizza launched a pizza subscription, so you’ll always have some on hand for those last-minute drop-ins or scheduled family dinners. Perfect for holiday events—not to mention a terrific gifting option for the foodie on your list! GA Pizza’s naturally leavened dough is topped with premium ingredients, including locally sourced cheeses. Freshly flash-frozen, and ready to eat in just 7 mins, the quality comes through with every bite. Subscribe or buy it once—get free shipping and 10% off until January 4. No wrapping (or planning) required. Give the gift of pizza from $49 at


As we get older, we appreciate the finer things in life. And one thing I appreciate the most, is high quality chocolates made by world class chocolatiers. Based in Montreal, Galerie au Chocolat, is adding indulgence to the holiday season with new, luxurious assortment of chocolate offerings. Crafted and perfected since 1985, Galerie au Chocolat Artisan and Fairtrade Galerie au Chocolat Artisan and Fairtrade holiday collection is made with a high ratio of cocoa butter, creating a very rich and smooth satisfying chocolate experience. From unique stocking stuffers to gift giving and entertaining ideas, Galerie au Chocolat’s offers an exceptional holiday collection perfect for the chocolate connoisseur on your holiday list! Galerie au Chocolat – Canadian Made Premium Chocolate


Baking cookies is a signature Grandma move. And Cuisipro believes that the table where you eat is also the table where you connect. Their practical design, reliable quality and clever innovation will never let you down when you’re in the kitchen with your grandkids, or preparing a meal for the whole family. You’ll always have the perfect tool for scooping out cookie dough, to storing your baked treasures in an environmental way afterwards. 


All e-readers are not created same, and they have come a long way. From reading current fiction to researching new parenting strategies, or looking or listening to a book with the grandkids, you will want to check out Kobo’s latest offerings. One thing that I always liked doing with paper books was the ability to make notes in the margin…with the new Kobo Sage you can do that! An eight inch touchscreen that allows you to write on the e-page with the Kobo stylus. The new Kobo Sage offers ComfortLite PRO for easy reading, and is waterproof. You can even listen to audio books on it. 


If you have more than a few kids and grandkids, you probably already know that Mabel’s Labels is world famous for their super stick labels, and their plastic bag tags make perfect gift tags for the season. A great customized gift idea for your grandkids for labeling gifts or as a terrific stocking stuffer. And, they’re waterproof, dishwasher safe and durable – perfect for tiny sticky hands. And for labeling all the gifts on your list, including the ones above. 

This is a sponsored post. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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