One of Kathy’s first shows, ‘Birth Days’ comes to the screen again thanks to lifestyle channel Z Living. Z Living is a TV network that provides health & wellness entertainment, and they believe their storytelling and content will let their viewers move towards healthier and happier lives.

It’s no wonder that Kathy’s first television show which focuses on the nonstop adventure that is parenting is part of the boutique television network’s line up. Now you can watch Birth Days again for the very first time every weekday at 4pm.

Learn everything about parenting if this is your first time along on the ride, or enjoy looking back to those times that Kathy’s great tips and dry sense of humour helped you get through.

Check to see what channel carries Z Living and Birth Days by clicking here.


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Tune in to @am640 tonight at 9pm to hear my daughter (and mom to my grandsons) Tory Halpin talk to @Chic_Mamma on her Parenting Show. They’re talking #GentleParenting and how it still has boundaries.

Sunday drive home from cottage always more fun listening to @AgnewJason trivia show on @NEWSTALK1010 Great questions this week! Did not know Tom Brady was once drafted by the Montreal Expos.

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