The book’s backcover blurb jokes: “It will have moms … laughing out loud–which is a good thing, because otherwise, they might have to cry.” I couldn’t agree more!

Kathy Buckworth is the author of two “SuperMom” survival books and popular humor contributor for several Canadian parenting magazines (among many other accomplishments). This time she gives readers an insight into what happens when a working mother decides to stay home with the kids – trading coffee-room politics for PTA-meeting backstabbing, dealing with corporate B.S. to literally wiping sh*t.

How does an ex-Supermom survive it all? For one, with Kathy’s tips, and second with a great deal of humor (much of which is decidedly of the self-deprecating variety). We learn how to dress, drive, think, and cope with the stay-at-home lifestyle, much of which means caving to the stereotypical standard: “buhbye” Jimmy Choos, Forbes Magazine, and sporty two-door; “hello” Reebok, Barney & Friends, and the dreaded minivan!

Buckworth pokes fun at the negative aspects of a stay-at-home-mom’s life and leaves the feel-good justifications aside. I think this is what’s missing here; if you take away the humor, you are left with a bleak picture indeed. Anyone considering starting a family should take this book with a boulder of salt, or it will prove to be the most effective birth control you’ll encounter. You may end up frog-marching your man to the vasectomy clinic before the end of the first chapter!

For those of us already in the trenches, at least we can have a good laugh at ourselves! Buckworth’s strongly satirical style may seem a little over-the-top for some readers, but I personally thought it was a riot. Go ahead – laugh at yourself for once! It may be the only comic relief you’ll have some days.