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Oh Brother, Oh Sister. Kathy's News

“What am I, Mom or something?” My son joked, and his two sisters and brother started laughing, I started to get offended, but what’s the point? The four of my kids have what most siblings have; a unique filter and understanding of life in our family, which isn’t experienced by anyone else. And let’s face it, besides your parents, they’re the ones who know you the...

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Where to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Travel / TravelChannel.com

Family, football and, of course, feasting. While there are many traditions shared by Canadians and Americans for their Thanksgiving holidays, the origins of the day itself are quite different. Both Thanksgivings do involve a crossing by water, though: In the US, it was the hearty Pilgrims sailing to Plymouth Rock in 1621. In Canada, the first “Thanksgiving” was hosted by explorer Martin Frobisher in 1578....

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Talking Turkey, Eh? Family / Huffington Post

Thanksgiving in Canada comes a whole month earlier than it does south of the border, and for that I am especially thankful. Mostly because it lands before Halloween, and then allows me to have a full two months to take off the candy and turkey poundage prior to indulging in both once again at Christmastime, just when those jeans finally zip up. So, in honour...

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