Oh baby, how things have changed during the pandemic. There have been a lot of pregnancies, and a lot of babies born without meeting their new extended families. Our go-to Grandma, Kathy Buckworth, joined us with ways to welcome them through a virtual baby shower.

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Check out Kathy’s interview here.

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Woman ahead of my son for vaccine was told it would be Moderna only, not Pfizer. So she turned and left.

Oh, ok Karen.

May the odds be…nah never mind.

Waiting outside for my 19yo son to get his second shot. Pfizer in May, Moderna in June. No question of turning it down because duh. So thrilled to have him double vaxxed.

#Vaccinated #MIXandMATCH

My lovely networking group today. Finally in person (6 feet apart, outside). Too much to catch up on personally and professionally! @ByHeatherGD @alysonschafer @JNReynolds @juliecole Next time you have to make it @JoAnneWallace ! We should all be fully vaxxed by then.

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